Rajput Homeopathic Medical College was established in 1990, and today serving as one of the leading institution in Pakistan. It’s high standards of teaching and a beautifully grand building possess a distinguish value.
Since its foundation the college maintains the highest standards and continuously working on developing new standards.
Rajput Homeopathic medical college

"The physician's highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed."

Only freedom from prejudice and tireless zeal avail for the most holy of the endeavours of mankind, the practice of the true art of healing.
Samuel Hahnemann


We are proud to have a highly learned, determined and achievement oriented faculty with decades of professional experience. It distinguished RHMC and we thank all our faculty members to be a part of RHMC family.


We organize and deliver various  paramedical courses that’s make you the savior of life for others.  We periodically update our upcoming courses here, stay in touch to get the udpates.LIVE TO LEARN  


RHMC & STCG Faculty, Staff and Students at various events.

Rajput Homeopathic Medical College